About Us

Who are Fluid Associates?

We work with you to get things done, we will support you to achieve your project goals, whatever you are aiming to do at what ever stage you are at.

Fluid Associates delivers project management consultancy with a focus on providing bespoke solutions. We design new processes and redesign existing processes to enhance capability or to introduce new ways of working in a way that is in line with your organisation’s direction, vision and goals.

Our experience is gained over 27 years of delivering clear strategic advice to clients on a range of business areas.

The practice is experienced in delivering strategic advice, business development and project management training. Through our knowledge and experience and utilising a broad network of associates and partners, Fluid Associates delivers a range of design and development services tailored to client’s specific requirements.

Interested to know more?

If these services are of interest to your organisation, contact us for a confidential exploratory conversation for what benefits and growth you wish to achieve and where we can add value.